Hellpoint – Maps (Items, Secrets, Coins, Bosses, POI)

This RPG takes place on Irid Novo, an abandoned space station that is infused with an intriguing dark sci-fi vibe. The Cosmic Gods, horrible monsters, and their twisted story await. A friend can join you in local or online co-op should the challenge be too much.

Note: This awesome maps were created by AndresofAstora.



  • The Lava Daemon appears during the Accretion Storms.
  • Catalyst Conductor door closes shortly after you respawn at a Breach. Be quick.
  • Grab the Ceremonial Dagger to open the wide door near all the benches.
  • INB Vault Key is required to access Healing Proficiency.
  • Defeat Archon Slaver to open the Great Halls Breach.

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Pretty straightforward area.



  1. Ooooooh This is pretty good 😀
    I would like to mention though that the third sentinel isn’t set but rather random where he appears ( it could be either of the statues or neither of them )

  2. ok so it seems great for starters and for second so there are stuff past the broken eva suit including a ‘handy’ weapon that i recommend checking secondly there are also at least 1 coin hidden that ull have to come back with a certain gadget

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