Hellpoint – Maps (Items, Secrets, Coins, Bosses, POI)

This RPG takes place on Irid Novo, an abandoned space station that is infused with an intriguing dark sci-fi vibe. The Cosmic Gods, horrible monsters, and their twisted story await. A friend can join you in local or online co-op should the challenge be too much.

Note: This awesome maps were created by AndresofAstora.


Map Legend


  • The Lava Daemon appears during the Accretion Storms.
  • Catalyst Conductor door closes shortly after you respawn at a Breach. Be quick.
  • Grab the Ceremonial Dagger to open the wide door near all the benches.
  • INB Vault Key is required to access Healing Proficiency.
  • Defeat Archon Slaver to open the Great Halls Breach.

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Pretty straightforward area.

Arcology (Upper)

Port Issoudun

Area notes:

  • Vicious Hands: They like to crawl out from wall vents.
  • Freight Credentials: Acquiring will lock you in and spawn 4 enemies.
  • Black Hole Hour: A horde is available to fight in the pentagon pit room. Since the AI isn’t very good, circling the pit will cause many spawns to fall in.
  • Accretion Storm: Lava Daemon (Alpha). Not sure where he spawns, but he has a large patrol.
  • There’s a small rectangular room with x1 Consumer and 6 enemies on the edges. This room locks you in for the fight.
  • Secret Ledges: From the upgrade station room, jump off the right side of the bridge to some hidden ledges to find a rewarding secret path.
  • Access Code Console: Part of an NPC quest later in the game. You can put input the code if you would like to save a trip back here.
  • Boss: Before fighting Ozyormy Goija, visit him in the Underworld through the Ominous Monolith. He will have a quest for you.


In the Underworld, you have 1 rotation of the clock before you die, but you are able to travel back and forth through the Monolith. White fogs wall block some paths which means you’ll have to climb up the Silo. The available areas are filled with Nihil Shards/Rocks, along with 3 Breach Synchronizers. If you talk to Ozyormy Goija, you can get a quest to find x10 Archon fragments which you acquire by killing Archon Knights but have to visit other Monoliths as well to get enough.

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  1. Ooooooh This is pretty good 😀
    I would like to mention though that the third sentinel isn’t set but rather random where he appears ( it could be either of the statues or neither of them )

  2. ok so it seems great for starters and for second so there are stuff past the broken eva suit including a ‘handy’ weapon that i recommend checking secondly there are also at least 1 coin hidden that ull have to come back with a certain gadget

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