HELLDIVERS 2 – How to Deal with Tanks Bugs

Tips for Tanks Bugs

The idea with the tank bugs is that you kite them so that your team-mates can shoot.

If you need to evade it to avoid taking damage or to reposition yourself to keep kiting, strafe left or right as the tank bug *runs in a straight line* and then dive.

If he starts turning as you strafe, move diagonally towards his left or right side and then dive – his turning circle is too wide to catch you.

Bring a Recoilless launcher, drop a resupply or Helldiver reinforce pod on ’em, or use fire which ignores armour. Fire will take a while though.


  1. Yep, I hate them. They hit like a truck and take a million bullets to kill. I guess I have to play Co-op which was broken last I checked. Taking multiple of these on solo is nearly impossible. You dive out of the way and then get swarmed by the other bugs. This game is just terrible in solo to be honest. You can barely even get off a strategem or whatever it’s called since you’re so swamped by enemies.

  2. Best way to kill it is to shoot a recoilless rifle in to one of it’s legs, then it should die in about a mag of AR into the exposed leg. I’d recommend playing this at very least with one friend on challenging or above just because of the Chargers.

  3. Get behind it, Bring at least one person bring a tank busting item. Use Precision Orbital Strike, Keep a distance, Run it into rocks. Its not bad you just have to learn it. once a explosive hits it it also peels its armor and you can take legs off slowing it.

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