HELLDIVERS 2 – How Does This Game Progress Work?

How Does Progress Work?

It’s basically an infinite war sandbox is how I see it. The overall goal is to win the war or maintain peace for super earth. The progression comes in a couple ways. Personal progression and community wide progression.

Personal progression comes in the form of buying new stratagems to alter your arsenal, buying ship expansions using collectible items called samples (another currency basically) to further enhance the capabilities of those stratagems to fight even better, and using the rest of the medals to unlock items in either the free or paid battle passes, which are either all unique new weapons, chest armor with stats, or cosmetic items like capes, helmets, etc. “Premium” and standard currency can be 100% unlocked just from playing and exploring, and importantly, clearing the map properly.

The premium currency unlocks the premium battlepass, which if you play enough, can be free for you. Then all the items cost the same, standard non-premium currency to unlock each item.

Community wide progression is the war in general, and we have no idea how this will play out besides how it works. Territories and planets have percentages by them, which is how well the community itself has liberated an area by winning missions little by little. Any mission, any time, just look at the community objective and then win in that area.

Crossing them off and fully liberating them temporarily retires the planet until its taken again and moves the community goal forward. These will influence the life of the game and the behavior of the war and factions as units move around, planets get cycled in and out, new territories get added to fight in, and more. Kinda like planets in Star Wars battlefront’s galactic conquest, you can only land on and fight in it if it’s occupied by enemies.

If you don’t play these types of games purely for the enjoyment of the combat or the cooperative experience, or as a thing to just hop into and blow stuff up in an epic battle for awhile, you’ll burn out quick or never get into it in the first place.

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