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Gameplay Tips for Noobs

Many of the artifacts are underwhelming and/or have mixed usefulness. Upgrading your cards, especially at the beginning has a significant impact on success.

Just to be clear, there are a few decent artifacts, but upgrading seems to have a bigger payoff, especially the first few floors.

Upgraded cards are always more valuable to your run than artifacts. I advise never even bothering with 3-gemstone path in the Vault unless you’re somehow sitting on a trove; even then, I’d only be willing to spend 2 gemstones at best in the vault if they happen to be offering a neat artifact. I absolutely despise the random-artifact 1-gemstone pick, too, because while some artifacts are bad, you can get one like Flawed Ruby that, in my opinion, is hot garbage and can sabotage your run.

You also benefit by making sure everyone gifts whenever a hideout comes up so you can spend those bonus gems on strong visits to the sage/smithy. Even if all you can afford is a random refine from the smithy, that is always an instant-buy path even on a budget.

Last point: Take time to right click your cards and see their upgrade paths so you can make strong build-decisions as you descend. This is important when drafting your card-rewards after each battle. If you’re considering skipping but one of the cards can upgrade into a legendary that has high value to your build, you’ll benefit more from taking it to be forged later.

When the enemies start outnumbering you as you go further down. Take a deep breathe and look at the symbols above thier heads more than not alot of doesnt attack just buffs…. take out those attackers you deem most important. Ive gotten thru some battles by doin that which I wouldnt have if I didnt look.

One of the things that makes this game infinitely easier is the use of crowd control (freeze, stun) and the mage and rogue both utilise it – with stuns from bombs coming in later for the rogue and the freeze coming early and can be scaled for the mage. Combo’s such as shatter, and snowball – anything with a freeze effect of some degree is instantly good and can buy you that much needed time to think – especially as they stay frozen till an attack or move function is enacted.

As a Warrior you can easily carry the early and parts of the midgame by forcing an upgrade on Mighty Blow as fast as possible to get Fury. Fury is a really strong card and only requires one upgrade while it’s upgrade Mighty Weaponry is an absolute powerhouse. Getting an early Swords Akimbo or even an All Out Strike will set you until floor 9. Upgrading All Out Strike to Starlight Strike in combination with some Second Wind and/or Battle Juice will allow you to consistently play a lot of cards per turn clear parts of the board.

The game has a lot of RNG and the more new cards you unlock and have in your deck the higher the RNG gets. Optimal card decks are not based on filling them up with new cards every chance you get, but on going after specific cards and upgrading those.

And sometimes you just never get these key cards that would unleash the full power of your build. Warriors are far from being weak and useless btw, for the final boss fight you can get over 32k armor that doesn’t go away at the end of turn and you can use one mana cost cards that deal damage equal to your armor…

Stunning 100% prevents all actions including summoning. Freezing which is a mage ability only prevents movement/attack. Stun can only be every other turn tho they get stun immune after being stunned.

Keep note of what is going to attack either of you. If your friends playing rogue they have access to cards to move monsters as well as stuns. If you mouse over a character it’ll direct lines to what is hitting you that turn. If it’s something that has to attack near the rogue can kick it away. There’s also cards to pull targets closer do this to monsters that have to attack from far. They also have the red triangle 🔺️ circling around them. But there is a lot of RNG in this game you could of just honestly got bad draws. The game is also balanced around three players you can search for a third If it was just you two playing. But you’re not really expected to win your first run or two. There is meta progression. Starting artifacts as well as new card unlocks. Just keep learning and good luck.

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