Hearts of Iron IV – How to Defeat Germany as USSR

Tips to Defeat Germany as USSR


  • For France/USSR part of it is just defending until you see Germany running low on equipment or once D-Day or other landing has happened. So as long as it’s not like, way late like ’45 or something you’re all right.
  • The big things things are negating German air superiority, so get a load of planes built and support AA on all your units.
  • Then do your attack pushes with tanks not infantry if you can help it. The AI is pretty bad at countering armor so most of the time they can’t really pen anything, or rather the AI doesn’t beef up its anti-tank in the face of superior tanks.
  • So yeah get like, 4-6 decent tank divisions and do little pincers to surround small pockets of Germans and just break them down slowly over time.
  • Crack German codes helps too, as well as putting your spies on the frontline, just stack everything you’ve got.
  • And of course make sure you’ve gotten rid of all those USSR maluses before bothering to attack.
  • But yeah if you’re holding the line that’s like 90% of the way there, Germany will just crash on your lines and slowly lose their manpower and equipment until you can counter and just slice through them.

Two Actions During Defense

  • Against the AI one way is to encourage the AI to launch attacks and then counter-attack when it has many disorganised divisions.
  • Another approach is to open a second front. Apart from getting some progress there the AI may weaken its own lines. One way to get a second front is to attack Sweden and then cross into Denmark. If you have liberated Norway beforehand Sweden will fall quickly.

Land Forces

High quality inf divisions (2-4 in line artillery, AA), air superiority and CAS after that is achieved, medium/heavy armor to affect breakthrough encirclements (supported by motorized divs to secure the encirclement) all being general purpose quality recommendations.

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