Heads Will Roll – How to Beat Sheriff

Tips for Beating Sheriff

Okay, so, first of all, the main advice I usually give in these type of situations is pretty simple: if you can’t outfight your enemy – you have to outlast them. HWR allows for very defensive playstyles that revolve around keeping your stamina high at all times and constantly using Respite to relieve fatigue.

This is basically energy warfare – a war of attrition – if you can survive enemy’s early onslaught you will be gradually getting stronger and stronger as enemy will become increasingly more fatigued. Then, once their fatigue level gets way higher than yours you can actually start attacking them. As long as you keep your stamina high and don’t build up too much fatigue – you shouln’t be in danger.

Then, there’s also a couple of minor things regarding the Sheriff duel that are somewhat under the radar. First, while searching his room, you can find and steal a bunch of useful consumables (in the chest on the left). The thing is that the item that the Sheriff spawns with is randomly taken from that pool so, if you steal all of them, he should spawn without any consumables.

Secondly, again while searching his room, you can poison the alchohol that is lying on the floor (you have to have some poison in your inventory). That would make the Sheriff spawn with some poison side effects which also should make the fight a bit easier.
Hope this helps!

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