Have a Nice Death – What Is the Difference for Each Scythe?

What Is the Difference?

They all have very different movesets, playstyles, and furies. Base scythe is very standard. Diss is more range. Twinsies are slower but stronger. Sickles are fast hitting but shorter range. Parasol is solely defensive, not being your main attack weapon. Selenite is like twinsies but more focused on the final hit.

  • Fast attacking weapons benefit from +damage numbers, slow more from %, but all from any damage bonus.
  • Things like The Diss Scythe or whatever are stronger with things like bleed, for example.
  • Billhook is the dominant champion IMO.
  • The claws benefit a lot from aerial when upgraded, and the aerial bonuses are huge.
  • The only time I use the regular scythe is if I’m going to fight life, because its not super reliant on the last part of the combos.

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