Halo Infinite – Objectives for Each Mode

Objectives for Each Mode

Capture the Flag

In Capture the Flag, watch what your team is doing, if most left to fetch the flag, stay to defend. If most stayed, then fetch the flag. Don’t leave one person defending.


In Oddball, don’t refuse to pick up the ball simply because you can no longer use your gun, every second counts, really freaking annoying to see how many just stand above the ball waiting for somebody to come and get a kill as opposed to picking it up winning seconds and approaching a teammate for cover. If you don’t have the ball, it gives you no excuse to wander off in the opposite corner of the map. Defend your holder!


In Attrition, this is not Slayer (Deathmatch), play with your team, stop running off like some drugged up Rambo, only to waste a life from the team you are on. Move together and ping to indicate where you have seen an enemy. If everyone on the map is still alive, then avoid pinging enemies too far, because one might be close enough and you throw your team’s focus off.

Total Control

In Total Control, you don’t need to jerk the entire team off in one circle. If the area is almost done, think ahead and start moving to the next zone before the enemy, or steal one which is in the process of being taken. The teammate left behind can finish up, but if there is a fight for that zone, then obviously stay, but use common sense. Thinking just 2 seconds into the future in this mode is a huge advantage.


In Slayer, you can go wild or you can play with your team. Assuming the enemy team will also have fools running on their own, well that’s your best bet. Nevertheless, if the enemy team is sniping (and this goes for other modes too) and you see people getting killed at that location by the same sniper, don’t be stupid and go there too. I have lost count how many idiots reenact the fate of moths which are drawn to the flame. Try to flank that sniper and stay out of their sight. Think, use whatever brain juice you have left in that head of yours.

Each game is explicitly described at the beginning what the objective is, none of these modes are new and have been around for years in other games. Take the time to learn them and understand them. It is not always about getting the kill(s).

And lastly, use your ears. You can literally hear enemies approaching, yet I see so many clueless players just crouching and watching a corner/door while the enemy is running up behind them. Or even worse, when their teammate is getting shot at and the clueless person does not react until they are getting shot. Like come on, what are you guys doing, I probably don’t want to know.

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