Hades 2 – How to Get Through Chapter #1

Gameplay Tips

Upgrading your arcana cards is super useful! Passive mana regen means more omega attacks, so don’t hold back on using them. Mana refills after each room, so go all out! Passive HP healing between rooms rocks, and the extra HP/MP boost is a game-changer, especially the +20 health!

Don’t hesitate to grind for resources. Even failed runs unlock more story and stuff. Explore different playstyles, especially with boons. Different gods offer different buffs, so experiment to find your groove. Personally, I vibe with Hestia for hit-and-run, but Zeus ain’t my style.

For the Sirens, target Roxie first for freedom to maneuver. Dodge her attacks by dashing; remember, you’re invulnerable while dashing! Then deal with the rest, avoiding, hitting, and dodging again. If one Siren’s giving you grief, focus her down first.

Selune’s hexes offer sweet healing. One hex has a chargeable heal, refreshing at fountains. Upgrade it for more charges and bigger heals. Look for Selune’s moon symbol!


Try to implement some upgrades, and keep at it! Focus down enemies you struggle with to get them out of the way, and keep practicing! You got this!

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