Hades 2 – How to Save State (Cheat)

Save File & Save State Guide

Save File Location

Save files are stored in varying places depending on the platform.


C:\Users[Your Username]\Saved Games\Hades II

A universal windows link you can just copy and paste is:

%username%\Saved Games\Hades II

Should work so long as your OS is in English

Steam Deck:

/home/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/1145350/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/Saved Games/Hades II/

Loading a Save

  1. Choose which profile you want to load the save into (profiles are numbered 1-4 based on the “slot” on the title screen).
  2. Optional: If the profile is empty, copy the Profile1.ctrls to ProfileX.ctrls, X is the new slot. Do the same with Profile1.sjson to ProfileX.sjon. If your main file is not the first slot, use the file you normally use instead. This should prevent you from rebinding controls and redoing the display settings (but you can also just do this in game).
  3. Download the save you want to use, move it to the save file directory (see above), and rename it to ProfileX.sav where X is the slot number you selected in (1).

Using Savestates

There are two options for savestates.

Manual Usage:

  • In an encounter you want to savestate before picking up the reward, copy the ProfileX_Temp.sav file from the saves folder to some other location on your computer — I have a Hades Savestates folder on my desktop for this purpose.
  • You might want to name the save something descriptive when you copy it. To use a savestate, copy it back into the Saves folder and rename it to ProfileX.sav, where X is the empty profile slot you want the savestate to be accessed from.
  • Make sure the ProfileX.sav and the ProfileX_Temp.sav are gone from this slot before copying in your savestate. Then, you should be able to press “Play” on the main menu and load into the savestate.

Note: The in game menu where you select which save to load into cannot be open until after you finish moving files around.

Hades Save Manager:

  • Museus’s Hades Save Manager is a resource primarily designed for Hades 1 Routed, but since saves function similarly it should still be useful.
  • Download the latest release from Github, and follow the instructions to set it up — using the Save File location for Hades II.
  • Because this was designed for routed, there is some weirdness with regards to “overwriting seeds” if you want to store savestates of different runs in the same folder, but this should be fine if you don’t use the “Load Seed” functionality.
  • As above, savestates for an encounter must be made before picking up the reward.
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