Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising – How to Counter Crouching Opponents

How to Deal with Crouching Opponents

You can use your auto combo finisher by pressing forward + heavy attack on the 3rd hit which modifies the hit into an overhead.

You cannot combo from that hit but it’ll force your opponent to think about if it’s wise to keep crouching.

(And forward + medium on the 3rd hit gives you a low-hitting finisher instead against standing block opponents).

And yes, simply grabbing also works.

Note: Raging Strike to open them up if they’re just down-backing; it costs you 1 BP but for them to counter it is 2 BP, so you come out on top and set them up for a huge combo next time.


  1. Game favors the defender, if you can play a solid reaction game it is impossible to open people up. Don’t do jump ins on blocking opponents as 2h is probably the most anti fun thing in the game, instead just focus on 6h after auto combo or throws.

  2. Do a few overhead confirms(via combo) to condition them into thinking they need to standing block on your last swing then go for grabs if they’re being super defensive. Then it’s just mind games to keep them guessing and wasting brave points to stop your pressure.

    You could raging strike but more times than not you’re just wasting brave points so I wouldn’t advise frequent use unless you’re for sure going to get payout from it. You never know how the rest of the match is going to turn out.

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