Ghostwire: Tokyo – Performance Tips

So the game has been running pretty great outside Shader Compilation memes, but I’m curious as to why this game seems to have two .exe files.

Changing the one where the base game is did nothing, but altering the one inside the Snowfall/Binaries/Win64 folder seems to do the trick.

That being said, not a lot you can do about the DX12 shader compilation terribadness, but game runs very smooth otherwise at 4K 60 FPS, maxed out without RT (don’t use RT in this game, it looks godawful and the SSR implementation is similar + looks sharper).

Some Performance Tips That Worked

Here’s a couple fixes that worked for me and a friend:

Override CFG

  • Search for “Exploit Protection”, go to Program Settings on the top.
  • Choose where it says “Add Program to customize”, then hit Choose Exact Path.
  • I added both .exe files for good measure but the one that did make the change was the GWT.exe found in Snowfall/Binaries/Win64/GWT.exe
  • In Program Settings, look for Control flow guard (CFG), click Override System settings and set it to Off.

NVIDIA Control Panel Misc

  • Set Cache Shader to Unlimited in Nvidia CP, you essentially will only have to see each effect once where it would drop your FPS due to shader compilation, afterwards, it should be g.
  • Make sure to also set the game to Prefer Maximum Performance – This may not help, but good to have on, fiddle with this one.
  • If you require the use of VSYNC, use Fast, Adaptive usually worked for me but it caused tearing with this game.

Small Notes

  • No this won’t fix shader compilation stutters but it will minimize the random dips, it completely eliminated them for me.
  • This game looks blurry as sin because it has a very aggressive Chromatic Aberration that you cannot turn off, I suggest using ReShade and using LumaSharpen.
  • I haven’t had issues with cutscenes, but my friend stated that this did not resolve some of the random dips you may get in cutscenes, YMMV.
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