Football Manager 2023 – How to Hire / Fire an Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager Tips

You need to be responsible for hiring and firing staff. There are a lot of options in the “responibilities” tab.

You can then fire any staff you think is not good enough.

For hiring you can do a staff search, and go to the charcter to offer a contract.

A few other tips:

  1. Best case for getting rid of a member of staff is via mutual termination. This can still be pretty pricey and for a poor team it can blow the budget! Make sure it won’t wreck your finances before pulling the trigger on any staff member. Sometimes its better to put up with them and run their contract down.
  2. If you do fire them, make sure a better person will join you. Don’t sack someone only to find out you can’t get a better replacement. Get the new person virtually onboard first.

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