Field of Glory: Kingdoms – Regional Decisions (RGD)

Explanation of Regional Decisions (RGD)

These are an important part of gameplay and can affect almost all aspects from religion, to raising armies, to the assassination of nobles and kings.

At the start of the game each faction will be allocated one or two RGD. This may be very specific to likely gameplay in the opening phase for that faction so think carefully before you decide to sell these.

You can store RGD for later when you might need them (typically those relating to the raising of new troops or how you wish to handle vassals). The number you can hold is determined by your civilisation tier. If you are in tier 1, you can store 12, tier 2 allows 16 and tier 3 allows for a maximum of 20. If you are allocated a new one in excess of these totals an existing one will be randomly removed.

If you do not want to store, or use, a given RGD it can be sold for a varying range of money, metal or manpower.

Most regional decisions are generated randomly (subject to the rules above) but some are triggered by constructing particular buildings. The building tip will indicate this but for example the ‘Trou de Loup’ temporary fortification gives a chance of gaining the ‘remove hostiles’ RGD.

You can amend the probability of gaining a given RGD in one of two ways. If one is available clicking on it can shift the chances from their base line to make it more or less likely it will be proposed in the future.

Alternatively if you select the ‘’ option at the bottom you can amend the likelihood of almost every possible RGD.

For those of you not versed in Bayesian statistics it is worth bearing in mind this will change the base rate for a given decision. So if it is already set to be rare making it more likely still means it will not appear very often. Equally one that may appear quite often will still appear even if you set the chance to low.


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