Fear & Hunger 2: Termina – Where to Find More Gas Canisters

Where to Find Gas Canisters

Random loot drops mostly, plus some other locations that have them but all of them are in the city. Unfortunately, I believe doing that screws you out of the gate key and the sewer keys are inaccessible if you go into the tunnels.

I’ve read that in this situation a suitcase on the train opens up to have bolt cutters, which you can use to cut the lock on the city gates, but if this isn’t true some alternative options to get into the city are:

  • If you have Lockpicking, you can open the sewer gate at the riverbank that way.
  • If you have a small key or lockpicking, you can take Abella with you to a shack in the eastern slums of Old Town and enter Tunnel 5. This leads to a gate leading into the sewers, once again.
  • If you have the bible of Vinushka and a piece of chalk, you can draw his symbol on the ritual circle in the ruined shack north of the train and get into the city through the woods.

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