Expeditions: Viking – Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

Around the year 790 A.D. A small group of Norse warriors arrives on the English coast. Their names may have been forgotten by history, but their actions have not. In the party-based RPG Expeditions: Viking, let ambition dictate your choices as the head of your clan. What will history say about you?

Hard work: if it is not for you, there are always cheat codes and console commands. We will show you some cheats for the Expeditions: Viking that will make the game easier and / or more fun!

How to Enable Console

You have to use the “-” key, but not the one on the numpad. Press Enter after typing one of the provided commands.

Console Commands

Note: Some console commands are case sensitive!

Companions Morale

  • Nefja – setmorale Followers/ShieldMaiden 5
  • Ketill – setmorale Followers/Wolf 5
  • Asleifr – setmorale Followers/VanquishedFoe 5
  • Røskva – setmorale Followers/Witch 5
  • Gunnarr – setmorale Followers/Berserk 5
  • Eydis – setmorale Followers/Valkyrie 5

Weapons & Armor

  • giveitem party Shield_RomanShield
  • giveitem party Sword_Excalibur
  • giveitem party Armour_RomanBreastplate
  • giveitem party Helmet_RomanHelmet
  • giveitem party Armour 5 true
  • giveitem party helmet 5 true
  • giveitem party axe 5 true
  • giveitem party Talisman_Odinn


  • give party Rope 100
  • give party String 100
  • give party Poison 100
  • give party Iron 100
  • give party Cloth 100
  • give party Bladder 100
  • give party Tar 100
  • give party Vial 100
  • give party Powder 100
  • give party Extracts 100
  • give party Cork 100
  • give party Pot 100
  • give party Honey 100
  • give party Grease 100

Equipment Attributes

  • imbue Player armor Agile
  • imbue Player armor ArmourOintment
  • imbue Player helmet Focusing
  • imbue Player spear Precise


  • give party xp (amount)
  • give Player xp (amount)


  • Remove fog – fow
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