Erannorth Chronicles – Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

How to Enable Console

First make sure to have a character active and in a game:

  • F10 to open/close the console.
  • Type UnlockAllEnemies

Console Commands (Cheats)

The following are the most common commands, and usually require a character to be active.

Modder’s Shell Commands

  • You can toggle show/hide the Modders Shell by pressing F10
  • You can press the Up Arrow key to repeat the previous Command

Supported Commands

  • CreateCard [Cardname], ie. CreateCard Ale, will create 1 copy of Cardname to the Players Hand.
  • AddCard [Cardname], will add 1 copy of Cardname to the Players Deck or Inventory if it is Equipment.
  • DefineCard [1 liner Card Definition], will create a new card & add it to the Action Database for the duration of the run
  • RemoveCard [Cardname], will remove Cardname from the Card Database (if this card is part of a tdb file just for the duration of the run)
  • EmptyDeck, will completely Empty the player’s Deck & Discard their Hand
  • ReshuffleAll, will force a Deck Reshuffle
  • ModifyPlayer[LP,PP,Strength,Agility,Resilience,Intellect,Willpower,Charisma,HP,AP,XP,Farthings,Rations,Order,Karma],X will modify the players
    • Example: ModifyPlayerHP,3 will give player 3 HP
    • Example: ModifyPlayerRations,-1 will remove from player 1 ration
  • ModifyMastery[Mastery],X will modify the players Mastery
    • Example: ModifyMasteryHuman,4 will give +4 Human Mastery (This can be used for custom races & classes as well. It can also be used to Modify the player’s tokens)
    • Example: ModifyMasteryTokens,5 will give the player 5 tokens
  • CloneCard [Cardname], will retrieve the definition of Card with an included
    ReUseArtwork statement, to quickly edit and create a variant of Cardname.
  • StartEvent [Event ID], will fire up the event with ID = Event ID. i.e StartEvent Adventurer Corpse I
  • NextNode [Node], will set the upcoming Node of the Stage to [Node] or to [Event ID]. i.e NextNode Elite
  • JumpToNode [num], will set the current node index to [num] ie JumpToNode 1, will return player back to DungeonEntry
  • JumpToStage [num], will set the current stage index to [num] ie JumpToStage 3, will jump the player to Stage 3
  • KillAll, will kill all enemies in the node
  • TriggerAmbush, will convert an encounter into an Ambush encounter
  • ReDefine [One-liner Card Definition], will either define or replace the card with the same name name.
  • SmartCast [Cardname], will use Card Name on the optimal target among [First Enemy, First Ally or You] (as would right-clicking the card in your hand)
  • CreateEnemy [Enemy Name – Lv X], will spawn this Enemy in the battlefield if the Enemy/Level combination exist in the EnemyDB

Save Commands

You can manually Save the Game Progress using the Modder’s Shell only when a character is active using: SaveProgress [Savename]

  • Example: SaveProgress Jonathan

You can manually Load a Game Progress using the Modder’s Shell only in Main Menu with no character active using: LoadProgress [Savename]

  • Example: LoadProgress Jonathan

If you end up having too many you can find these saves and delete them manually in C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Spyridon Thalassinos\Erannorth Reborn as they’ll too sync with Cloud.

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