ELDEN RING – Controllers Not Working Fix

The Fix for Controllers Not Working

After wasting a lot of time trying everything, posting a video, and discussing with others we’ve arrived to the only “solution” to controllers not working.

  1. Put Steam in Big Picture mode (yes, that mode no one uses of all things).
  2. Make sure your controller is working in this mode. Because…
  3. Unplug your keyboard and mouse, and anything else that might be seen as a controller such as a footpedel (No I’m not joking you actually have to do this).
  4. Launch Elden Ring with your controller.
  5. Make sure you can get into the main menu before plugging back in the keyboard, mouse, etc. It should work fine at that point. But I think you still have to do this whole process every time.


  1. i noticed that i have to do a system restart with a few select controllers removed then start the game before plugging them in.

    also steam is literally FORGETTING my controllers, when i save a preference on a name and profile it always on start up just brings it back to the data before i did that. also it switches which controller gets which profile.

  2. The fix that worked for me was having to “unplug my keyboard” before starting the game, and then reconnecting it after it was loaded.

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