DLC Mission 7: Useful Tips

I was stuck on DLC Mission 7 on the hardest difficulty for a while, but finally cracked it. My squad setup was Air Raider, Wing Diver, Jet Armor, and Infantry. I mainly relied on Psiblade Splash for everyone except Infantry, who rocked the Lysander F.

What saved my bacon was hiding out in buildings. I never really used that strategy before, but man, it was a game-changer. I’d shoot a hole in a ground-floor building with the Lysander, then just camp inside. While I was chilling, I switched between characters and spam-sliced with Psiblade Splash. Those drones didn’t stand a chance.

Once the bombers showed up, I kept my distance and sniped ’em with the Lysander. Psiblade Splash was MVP here too, bouncing around inside the building without wrecking me. When my hideout got wrecked, I jetted over to the nearest building, shot another hole, and hunkered down again.

Pro Tip: Don’t cozy up in the big white or skyscraper buildings. They come crashing down faster than you can say “game over.” Stick to the smaller ones near your spawn.

It’s very cheesy and cheap but I honestly have not found any other method that would work. Even another cheese srtat, that i read about (Mentioned a similar method but just dieing and staying down and letting the NPCs kill off the ships. This never worked, either. as my NPCs would quickly get melted.) Didn’t work for me. Maybe I just don’t have enough HP but I haven’t had to grind any with this game.

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