Dwarf Fortress – How to Quickly Bump a Work Order to the Top

How to Quickly Bump a Work Order

I’ll use workshop orders to prioritize a work order instead of the work orders menu. When the task appears on the task page after the work order is validated, check the exclamation point and that task becomes the most important job, no matter how many other work orders you have.

(It’s industry specific, so making rock cabinets won’t have a globally higher priority than making booze, unless your booze maker is also your cabinet maker).

For instance, I want a never ending supply of raw green glass for my jewlers to cut, limit of 100.

I have 5 regular glass furnaces and 5 magma glass furnaces. So in the regular glass furnaces I create a shop work order to collect sand. That means when the sand order hits, it will create 5 hauling jobs for 5 different dwarves until the sandbag stockpile hits it’s limit. I put those orders from each shop so I can have better control over how important the sand hauling is. Since the shop orders are low in the Orders page, they don’t interfere too much with other hauling tasks. But if I suddenly have a need for 50 pieces of furniture, I can just click on the exclamation point in the shop menu and those hauling tasks are now the most important tasks in the haul queue. With the furniture, if I want to make 10 statues, 10 cabinets, and 10 boxes, I’ll do those on the general orders screen and when they get validated and assigned to the shops then I’ll use the exclamation points again, that stops the production of raw glass. But if I’m training a glassmaker from dabbling and I don’t want him making furniture, I’ll go into that forges work orders menu and set the number of General work orders to zero and clear the task menu of anything not raw green glass.

Once I got this method down, I’ve never clicked on that priority arrow again.

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