Duke Nukem Forever – Door Codes and Cheats

All codes for doors (including DLC) and cheats.

Door Codes

  • Duke Nukem’s titty City, Strip Club – 4768
  • Rude Awkening, Doctor Who Cloned Me (DLC) – 1503


Beat the game on any difficulty and you can activate these cheats in the ‘Extras’ menu.

  • Duke 3D Freeze Ray – Freeze ray will fire bouncing ice projectiles.
  • Game Speed – Adjust game speed.
  • Grayscale Mode – Draw the game in grayscale.
  • Head Scale – Adjust head size of enemies and NPCs.
  • Infinite Ammo – Obviously…
  • Instagib – Enemies die in one shot and always gib.
  • Invincibility – God Mode!
  • Mirror Mode – Draw the game mirrored horizontally.

Note: This will disable achievements and it’s only for single player!

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