DNF Duel – Useful Tips and Tricks for Newbies

Here you can find some advices if you’re new players.

Tips and Tricks

Play who you like, first off.

People said it already, but game don’t mean much if you don’t enjoy playing.

Technical characters are really just Swift Master and Enchantress. Dragon Knight too, but she’s easier. They’re all unique enough that you’ll have to touch ’em first.

Now, for the thing I wish I knew when I first started playing FGs: Learn how to get the hit first. This isn’t just one thing, it encompasses the basics of the game: Movement, Defense, Spacing, ect. You’ll see.

Combos are all well and good, but they do not matter if you can’t get the hit you need. The rest will build up from there.

By the way, you will lose before you win. Don’t get discouraged and watch the replays. You’ll see more of the why when you’re not in the action.

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