Distance – Cheats

All official cheats for the game and their descriptions, as well as some achievements that unlock different things in-game.


Go to ‘options’ and navigate to ‘cheats’. Then enable what you need. But this will disable leaderboards and achievements.

  • Campaign Plus – Enables all abilities in Campaigns (Achievement: Blast from the Past).
  • Motorcycle Mode – Drive a two wheeled vehicle (Achievement: Better than Sliced Bread).
  • Monster Truck – Bigger wheels make everything better (Achievement: Driving Ace).
  • Sky Walker – Jump while in the air (Achievement: Grounded Departure).
  • Film Noir – Adds a stylistic black and white filter to the screen (Achievement: Down But Not Out).
  • Stylized Outlines – Increases saturation and adds bold outlines to objects (Achievement: Cheat the System).
  • Super Boost – In case the car feels too slow (Achievement: Speed Runner).
  • Max Damage – Magnifies visual damage from impacts (Achievement: Rampage).
  • Bubble Car – Changes car visuals to a more rounded look (Achievement: Six Figures).
  • Death Proof – You just can’t die (Achievement: Still Alive).
  • Crab Friend – The grass is indeed greener (Achievement: The Other Side).
  • Crown of the Elders – Royale with cheese (Achievement: Worthy).


Select achievements that unlock stuff:

  • Pumpkin King – Break all pumpkins in Spooky Town (Reward: Encryptor Car).
  • Adventurer – Finish the Adventure campaign (Reward: Archive Car).
  • Gold Collector – Get Gold medals on all Adventure levels in Sprint (Reward: Halcyon Car).
  • Vendor Bender – Find pieces from the past in Lost to Echoes (Reward: Interceptor Car).

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