Disney Dreamlight Valley – Known Issues

Known Issues

I am in Australia or New Zealand and get “Error #7” when launching the game

  • Some players situated in New Zealand and in some states of Australia may experience a game stuck on loading if they quit the game while having the “Well Fed” active buff. This buff appears when you eat a lot of cooked meals and you get the “Golden energy bar” on top of your normal energy bar. This bug will be fixed in an upcoming update.

Is Disney Dreamlight Valley playable on Steam Deck?

  • While you may technically be able to play Disney Dreamlight Valley on Steam Deck, this platform is not officially supported yet. You might encounter issues that will be solved in later updates.

Something weird is happening to my Founder’s Pack / Star Path

  • Due to some temporary online issues at launch, you may be unable to claim a Founder’s Pack or you may receive an additional one, the Star Path menu may behave oddly (i.e. something does not unlock) or display the wrong amount of Moonstones. All these problems are visual temporary problems. Please reboot the game to fix it (close the game fully and launch it from the console / PC launcher).

There are not enough Dream shards in the Valley for me to finish a quest

  • Players can gather Dream shards from removing Night Thorn (10 new Night thorns appear every day) and feeding small critters their favorite things (warning: you can feed a critter only once a day). Despite this, some player may be unlucky and feel they do not collect Dreamshard quickly enough. Devs are working on this. Dream shards drop rates will be increased in an upcoming update.

Clothing clipping with other clothing

  • You may run into some issues with clothing clipping through others (most notably skirts with pants or shorts worn underneath). This is a minor cosmetic issue that has no effect on gameplay. Throughout early access devs will continue to refine the game to address any issues such as this as they appear, while still offering our fans and Disney Dreamlight Valley players a wide-reaching list of fun customizable items for their avatars as devs continuously improve the game through the player feedback.

Clothing disappears after choosing certain accessories

  • Some clothing may change/un-equip when choosing other options. This is because not all items are compatible with one another.

My plants won’t grow

  • Plants in Dreamlight Valley grow based on how often you water them. Be sure to give lots of watering to each to help them grow quickly.
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