Disney Dreamlight Valley – Game Initialisation Error #7

I’ve restarted the game, my computer and every time I try to continue the game it comes up with this. How do I fix it?

How to Fix the Game Initialisation Error #7

Gameloft, the company of Disney Dreamlight Valley, claimed that only gamers in the New Zealand and Australia regions are impacted by Game Initialization Error 7. If you close the game while the Well Fed boost is active, the game will mysteriously become stuck on the loading screen. Gameloft has stated that the future version would include a patch.

If a player quits the game while the “Well Fed” perk is active, some players in New Zealand and in some Australian states could suffer a game that won’t load. When you consume a lot of cooked meals, you acquire the “Golden energy bar” in addition to your regular energy bar, which causes this buff to appear. An upcoming release will include a patch for this bug.

Thankfully, you can still get around the problem even though the official patch hasn’t yet been made available. A temporary solution for the Game Initialization Error 7 has been discovered by several Reddit users in the r/DreamlightValley Subreddit by changing the time zone on their PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox consoles. They advise switching to US East, US Central/Canada, and time to 12 hours behind. Additionally, u/kiwgamedev reported at least two other issues that appear to be resolved when you switch time zones:

  • Clothing bags that gave nothing, as well as other items that can’t be eaten, sold, or thrown away, now function properly.
  • You’ll get assistance again from friends who don’t follow you about and assist with tasks while hanging out.

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