Disney Dreamlight Valley – Game Changing Tips / Hacks

Game Changing Tips

1. Unlock an area that has part of the area gated off (by mushrooms or whatever), move the well to the gated off area. Now I can access both sides (like in Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust)

2. Click “F” as if you’re going to edit the town, press F again to hide the furniture screen. Zoom out a lot. Now I can move around the camera and look for blue/gold fishing spots and ore sticking out of rocks to mine anywhere I’ve unlocked without the hassle of running around and manually checking. Just use your town editor to find them.

3. Canola and Onions are the only crops that matter for money until I unlock higher crops. The buy/sell rate is crazy (Canola sells for around 109, and onions are 170). I have a 8×8 field in front of my house, and just farming those over and over net me around 10k each time.

4. I’ve moved all the trees & bushes with spawning fruit from every unlocked “village” biome into one area in the Meadow. That way I just run up and down the line harvesting them all at once rather than run to each biome to find them.

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