Disney Dreamlight Valley – Fast Way of Leveling Up Friendship

Fast Way of Leveling Up Friendship and Some Useful Tips

Here are some ways that you can level up friendship faster. (at least i thought it would be faster). other than giving their favorite of the day and daily talking.

1) Flowers

Take the character that you want to level up with you and picking up flowers and giving them as gifts. Personalty, I just pick up flowers from 3 areas, which are Plaza, Meadow and the beach, because I feel the flowers at these three areas respawn faster than the rest areas. It might not be true, but I feel that way.

2) Harvest

Other than the crops you grow, I would recommend taking the character with you and harvest fruits and spices in each areas. Just giving them these wouldn’t add many points, but each food items can only stack for 50 in a spot. So for the extras, you can either selling them or making dishes with it, or you can try new recipe at the restaurant. Dishes increase quite a bit of friendship points.

3) Mining

While you taking the character running around harvesting and picking up flowers, if you see the rock clearly with gem sigh, don’t miss them. With the gem you can either selling those for money or giving as gifts. I just save some at my house and sell the amount i don’t need.

4) Cleaning

Taking the character to clean the thorns, rocks, tree stumps and mushrooms wouldn’t increase much of the friendship, but you gotta decorate the areas later, so its better than nothing. Here’s the related character’s quest with tool’s upgrading.

  • Merlin – water can – cleaning mushrooms
  • Elsa and Maui – pickaxe – cleaning ice and sandstone
  • Anna – shovel – cleaning tree stumps (if I remembered correctly)

Other Useful Tips

I found most quests needs iron ingot, i would recommend just go to forest of valor and glade these two areas, because the mines there only gives you rock, coal, gem and iron ores. The Plateau and forested heights gives you some, but mostly gold. Haven’t try forgotten land, but its pretty dark and crowded, so I don’t like going there.

If you need to go to other realms, remember to say good bye to the character whose with you, because they won’t follow you in there, and when you get out, you can’t find him or her until you reload the game. I don’t know if these would happen to anyone, but just remember this could happen, and try to avoid this.

Finally, be friends with character in order of your like, but just do Minnie’s at the last. Her last quest is hideous i think, and it took me hours to just complete one quest.

I hope this might help to some players, Good luck and have fun!

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  1. Easiest way is to have them follow you around. Bonus if your chores are the same as the roll you picked for them when they got their second level.

    But regardless, they get points no matter what you’re doing (you just don’t get the bonuses)

    Also click on their portraits under the character sections in the collections. Each character will have 3 different gifts that give bonuses for that day…foods, gems, fish, flowers, dishes. Those give more points than just random gifts.

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