Disney Dreamlight Valley – Easiest Way to Make Money Fast

How to Make Money

Onions are a serious way to make money!

You can buy Onion seeds from Goofy’s stall in “Forest of Valor”.

  • Onion seed BUY price is $50/each
  • Onion seed SELL price is $170/each

Grow time is 1hr 15min.

Tip: Make sure to plant the onion seed in the Forest of Valor, an upward green arrow will show. I guess its the preferred biome to plant. Which goes for any other seed that you buy in the specific biome”

  • Bought and planted 198 onion seeds (99 seeds = $4,950, 198 seeds = $9,900).
  • 1hr 15min grow time.
  • Harvested with a designated gardening character at Level 10.
  • Harvested 372 onions.

SOLD Onions for $63.2K

Buy and sell onions!

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