Disney Dreamlight Valley – Companions List (Where to Get Them)

Companions List

Here are all the possible companions listed in the game at the moment. I have also listed where to find each companion and what their favorite foods are (assuming this builds the best relationship with them):

  • Brown Turtle
  • White Turtle
  • Purple Turtle
  • Black Turtle
  • Classic Turtle
  • Classic Raven
  • White Raven
  • Blue Raven
  • Brown Raven
  • Classic Raccoon
  • Red Raccoon
  • Black Raccoon
  • White Raccoon
  • Blue Raccoon
  • Regal Fox
  • Classic Rabbit
  • Black Rabbit
  • Brown Rabbit
  • White Rabbit
  • Calico Rabbit
  • Red Sunbird
  • Turquoise Sunbird
  • Emerald Sunbird
  • Golden Sunbird
  • Orchid Sunbird
  • White Fox
  • Classic Fox
  • Black Fox
  • Blue Fox
  • Red Fox
  • Incredible Squirrel
  • Celestial Sea Turtle
  • Classic Squirrel
  • Red Squirrel
  • Gray Squirrel
  • Black Squirrel
  • White Squirrel
  • Classic Crocodile
  • Blue Crocodile
  • Red Crocodile
  • Golden Crocodile
  • White Crocodile
  • Pink Crocodile
  • Choco Crocodile

Origins (Where You Get Them)

  • Crocodiles: Wetlands
  • Squirrel: Urban
  • Foxes: SnowCliff
  • Sunbirds: Savanna
  • Rabbits: Meadows
  • Raccoons: Forrest
  • Ravens: Dark Mountains
  • Turtles: Beach

Favourite Foods (What You Should Give Them)

  • Crocodiles: Unique fish from wetlands area
  • Squirrel: Peanuts
  • Foxes: Unique Fish from SnowCliff area
  • Sunbirds: A flower that is the same color as the bird
  • Rabbits: Carrots of course!
  • Raccoons: Blueberries
  • Ravens: Any 5-star meal
  • Turtles: Seaweed!

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  1. The Regal Fox will only be available from the Ultimate Founders Pack. The Celestial Sea Turtle will only be available from the Deluxe Founders Pack and the Ultimate Founders Pack.
    I believe the Founders packs will only be available during the EA phase of the game.

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