Diplomacy is Not an Option – Gameplay Tips

Quick and Easy Tips

  1. Secure your starting area, use your initial units to ensure your citizens can work safely.
  2. Focus on housing to increase your population early as the starter food buildings can handle the strain. (So long as you gather more in a day than you consume, you’ll have a surplus for troops)
  3. Lumber Camps are free*. The first level only costs workers and build time, don’t be afraid to build a couple and to update their positions to bring them closer to forests.
  4. Efficient infrastructure increases overall resource production, ensure you’re placing Storage near lumber/mines and granaries near food. Only necessary when resource production ranges too far from the Town Hall, your food production is maxing out storage, or you need to expand available storage to be able to afford expensive purchases.
  5. Always set archers to Target Strongest, so that they’ll prioritize high threat units like Hulks who can wipe out your front line if they’re left alive.
  6. Prioritize research that increases your economy over your military, as the resultant increases will help afford said military upgrades.
  7. Do not research better wood walls, the wood is better put to advancing your Town Hall and acquiring the much superior stone walls.
  8. Don’t forget you can pull workers from buildings if you need to, whether it be getting an important building with the necessary pop cost or some manpower for more military.
  9. Invest time in clearing the map, as the rewards of quadfold. More territory to exploit for resources, resource carts for influxes of extra goodies, mana crystals to cast spells, and finally less enemies on the final wave.
  10. Build watch towers as you expand to find defensible spots and enemy pathing, knowing which side of a mountain an enemy wave is coming is paramount when your military resources are strained.

There’s likely much more to know and learn about this game to improve without counting potential game changing updates, so don’t consider these tips as the pinnacle of game knowledge.

And remember the next time a filthy peasant with a stick starts whacking your buildings, starts slaughtering your citizens, or looks particularly offensive to your good senses. Diplomacy is Not an Option!

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