Dinkum – Hints, Tips and Tricks

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

  • Found something too big to fit in your pockets? chances are you can drop it on the scale in John’s shop for some good profit. when in the deep-mine u can just toss multiple in the elevator before deciding to go back up again
  • The Flaming Bat cost 0 stamina to use, which makes it the perfect weapon late at night when your stamina is drained. (u can only hit animals for 0 stamina i should add, dont hit grass :p)
  • Staying up late at night reduces your stamina bar by a lot, but since time is frozen you can do anything you like as long u keep a little stamina. there is no passing out mechanic like in Stardew Valley
  • Always swim with a full belly, it almost completely stops the stamina drain
  • Old keys are used for entering treasure chambers down in the deep-mine, you always need 2 to open the 2 doors but the rewards will definitely be worth it
  • Tired of fighting animals in the deep-mine? just flash their face with your flashlight using the attack button and run away as they get stunned.
  • Might be an obvious one, but make sure you gardens are close to shop keeps. During the morning the shop keeps will be outside waiting for their stores to open and they will wander to your garden and water your plants. Same thing for after their shops close too. Can save a lot of time and energy just avoiding your garden until you’re ready to sleep, to make sure your garden is watered.
  • Build Orchards! Bananas, apples, lime and quanhongs (idk wtf their called). Great passive food production, even for just base resource eating, but if your orchard gets large enough and production is high, can make a lot of Fruit Salads.
  • Every time someone visits your island, talk to them chat them up and do a job for them. You need to get half a heart with them in order to unlock their deed.
  • Almost every citizen besides Fletch and John (as far as I know anyways) has a chance to give you a Blueprint if you do jobs for them (mostly decorations however). ALSO, always do as many jobs as you can, you might get a Miner’s Hat (which also has a working flashlight) so big help for the mine. I got one from Fletch today.
  • Aggressive Alpha animals will attack their lesser counterparts. Alpha Croco will attack other crocos in the area. So, if you want to kill it a little faster, enlist some crocos for help!
  • Fishing – Its mostly audio not visual. When you first hook em don’t do anything let em swim away for a few secs. When you don’t hear the splashing anymore start reeling in. Then when you hear the splashing again stop reeling in. Shouldn’t take more then 3-4 pauses.
  • The Museum just takes unique Bugs and Fish and you get 100 License points per donation so its worthwhile to help speed things along.
  • Orchard – More on this. Bananas will be your shortfall since you only get 2 per. Plant extras of these. Also as the above poster said do this early, raid the other biomes for all 4 fruits.
  • Q – is drop (the seed/fruit). then just shovel twice.
  • Grass – Save all your grass seeds to stick in the seed grinder for Animal Feed. 10 per.
  • Hunting – Most everything is pretty easy to kill by hitting 1-2 times then backing away from their attack. However beware of Diggos(dogs). Alone easy usually, but if they howl they are going to fight and attack pretty quickly and call friends.
  • Farming – Go big; its all about harvesting for skill points. It may suck to have to refill the water can a few times every morning but you want to skill up so that you can get sprinklers.
  • Besides Barrels and Rubbish ‘Wheelie’ Bins, you can also mine car wrecks for electronics. You might need a copper pick axe to do this. This might be super obvious, but I didn’t figure this out until I’d ignored about 10 cars smh.
  • It might be worth placing an animal collection point near devil and mu clusters. Then just drop your simple traps right into front of the collection point. Who cares if they try to break out, because you can quickly drop the full traps it right into the collection box.
  • Deep mine runs seem to be the fastest way to make cash in the mid-game if you are alright at combat and can follow one of the guides. Its not about collecting iron, but rubies and treasure rooms. You’ll need old keys from metal detecting to make it really worth your while.
  • Don’t accept jobs from visitors that you aren’t sure you can finish. I think failed jobs might lose you hearts, which will also delay you getting the deed for their buildings.
  • These type of boulders drop a lot of good ore actually that can be a mix of copper, iron, shiny stone and regular stone and always drop 5 items. Usually I get 2 copper + 3 stone or 2 copper + 1 iron + 2 stone.
  • If you want to trap animals in the deep mines, bring an animal collection point with you and an axe. Trap the animal, place the collection point, put the animal there, destroy the collection point with the axe so that you can put it back in your inventory, rinse and repeat.
  • I You actually cannot reuse the collection point once you’ve destroyed it with the axe. You’ll have to bring as many collection points as the number of trapsyou have in your inventory.
  • Digging up a mangrove soil and placing it at or below sea level will cause the tile to change to a mangrove soil. You can use this to make your own mangrove stick farm. Also makes for a pretty cool looking wall.
  • Once you can get the motorcycle, break it and carry it down to the mine and use it to get around, animals ignore you unless you get off of it. Makes exploring the mines much safer. Also, don’t forget to break it and carry it back with you lol. It has a spot on the back for rubies and fossils as well as it’s own light.
  • The trapping tasks on the bulletin board can be redeemed for multiple creatures.
  • For instance if it says there’s an increased reward for a Wary Mu, you can actually go on a massive trapping spree and drop off 10+ Wary Mu’s for the higher reward. You have to catch them all on the same day though.
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