Diablo 4 – Barbarian Guide: Elemental Resistances and How to Cap

Barbarian: Elemental Resistances Tips

  • Goes up to 70% Damage reduction (baseline) versus a given elemental damage type.
  • Extremely important to have capped or nearly (order: Poison > Lightning > Fire > Shadow > Cold)

How to Cap?

  • Midgame (Option 1 – Budget): Get x3 single resistances on affixes, x2 single resistances Gems and 1x all resistance Gem (Diamond)
  • Midgame (Option 2 – Expensive): Get x3 All resistance affixes, x3 all resistances Gems (Diamond)
  • Lategame (Option 1 – Budget): Get x2 Single resistances on affixes, x3 single resistances Gems (that you don’t have as affixes) and match your implicit ring resistances (as they give all resistances + single resistance) to 2 of your gems resistances (ideally not cold resistance).
  • Lategame (Option 2 – Expensive): Get x2 Greater Affix All resistance affixes, x3 all resistances Gems (Diamond)

This should make you capped on all resistances beside one (usually cold) at 60%, if you’re a bit short, don’t forget to use Incense (Desert Escape is goat for fire/cold/shadow here).

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