Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter – Beginners Tips

Tips for New Players

The DRT is best used to set up your attacks on a large scale. Ideally you want to approach the contact from stern to bow and drive over it rather than perpendicularly. Two depth charges roll right off of your stern and so you increase the chance of sinking if you can get 4 or so depth charges very close. Only one depth charge is shot off the sides of the boat (and only hit if you have a close miss). In addition, perpendicular approaches are hard to calculate without falling ahead or behind.

Once you get 400 yards and closer and you know you are on a bow approach or stern approach, switch to using the Bridge and the OSC Projector. The DRT is very good at showing your motion but doesn’t update contacts very often (the DRT updates about every 25-35 seconds). The OSC Projector needle is mirrored on the bridge display that shows the target bearing (the Target Bearing Indicator or “TBI”). The OSC Projector (and TBI) shows the target bearing every 4 seconds. Using the A and D buttons or inputting a heading with the keyboard is ok for strategic movements but you can make quicker course corrections using the mouse and the helm wheel. You can just click and hold the mouse to make steering changes (you don’t need to click and release). Make sure you set up the TRR before you get to close so you can quickly switch between the helm and the TRR for your drop timing.Remember not to follow the TBI once you lose sonar contact. Just straighten the ship and drop on your mark.

The maximum underwater speed of the uboats here is only about 5 knots. The slowest you can go without stopping is 8 knots. You have plenty of time to reattack and you don’t need to go straight at the contact. Once you are dropping over the target, steam straight ahead for about 500 yards so you can monitor the u-boats course on your legs maneuvering around the u-boat and set up for another stern attack (if necessary).

U-Boat last minute turns seem to be around 20 degrees. Use that as a guide when sonar tells you that the contact is making a sharp turn just before dropping.

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