Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed – Maps (Artifacts, Jukebox Discs, Furotech Cells, Posters)

Please find below a map showing the locations of every Toilets, Furotech Cells, Jukebox Discs, Artifacts, Posters and Human Hives in the game.

Note: This awesome maps were created by BolaGustavo.


Bay City

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Only during the mission known as “A Deadly Reaction” can one of the Jukebox Discs be found within a Bunker. The disk will be inside the third Bunker as depicted on the map as you progress through the task.


One Furotech and one Artifact may only be found inside the circular mines when you complete the side quest “Lights out for lobsters, part 2: Gratuitous Violence: Act III -> Kill all Blisk in the quarry.”

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