Demonologist – Katana Well Puzzle (Kurogawa Map)

How to Solve the Katana Puzzle

Here’s how to solve the katana objective. There are 3 katanas that you have to find. Each katana that you find will either have a bear, a rabbit on an owl engraved near it’s hilt. If you haven’t found that the room with the three animal statues, it’s the door opposite the entrance and thats where you need to take the katanas.

The First Part of the Puzzle:

Once you’re in that room, place the katana that has the engraved animal corresponding to the statue of the same animal. Once all katanas are placed in their proper statues, the door to the painting puzzle room will open.

Beyond the doors you’ll see 4 paintings on the walls. 2 on the left and 2 on the right. At the end of the hall is a well. Inside the well are the bones of the geisha lady that always pops up and tries to scare you. The well has plank boards covering the rim of the well but has space enough to see whats inside the well. the same pictures can be seen in other parts of the map. The objective is to match the position of the paintings in the well room with the copies of that are throughout the map. Example, one of the paintings has the profile picture of a girl.

So the orientation of the face could be facing up, down, left or right. What the player must do in the well room is to find the same picture. You will be prompted to rotate the picture until you feel the position or rotation matches the copy outside the well. You must do that with all 4 portraits, so memorize each of the 4 pictures. Once that is completed, the boards will be removed.

The Second Part of the Puzzle:

In addition to the bones in the well, you will see 3 translucent items: A demon mask, some sort of egg shaped object and some sort of ornamental item that looks almost like a dream catcher.

The player must go out of the room and search for these items throughout the map. Once all 3 items are found, return back to the well room and you will be prompted complete the exorcism, which will complete the mission.

I hope this helps!

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