DELTARUNE – How to Beat Spamton Neo on the Snowgrave Route

Tips to Defeat Spamton Neo

You don’t need to be a god or a hacker to beat this fight.

The solution is to watch his attacks and determine the best reaction. Here’s some tips from me after I beat the fight and remember that the dodging in this game is about slow movements and not fast jerky ones (For the most part).

Use the charge shot. It’s called the Big Shot for a reason, this entire fight revolves around clever use of your big shot. It can blast through multiple Pipis and Spamton faces (the ones that shoot at you).

A reminder that you can Defend to gain more TP than if you had attacked. If you don’t feel safe about the next attack he’s going to throw at you then Defend. You can use the Pipis ACT to heal significantly more than a CD Bagel if absolutely necessary but prioritize X-Slash because you want the fight to be over as fast as possible.

NEO Spamton won’t be easy to beat but honestly just about anyone can do it with enough observation and memorization.

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