Decision: Red Daze – What’s the Point of Creating a Squad?

Squad Tips

Squads are the best way to take on a lot of the later game bosses, but Squads also are the primary choices for guard duty, even in the current version walking through the solid objects of the world itself to arrive on time. We will likely be fixing this issue, as displacement of the time space continuum isn’t a bug we want to keep in.

Squad up your best Survivors in each settlement to have them get the priority pick for Guard Duty.

Make sure to check character stats when distributing your squad!

  • Soldiers have good DPS with anything you give them.
  • Rangers are good at finding items, having a proficiency in firearms.
  • Workers are proficient at increasing material yields in Settlements, though their combat ability is at least alright.
  • Builders are very strong, and good at hauling. Their melee attack has a good swing to it.
  • Medics are tanks, melee attackers and healers.
  • Engineers are great at big, heavy weapons, but don’t have a tone of health.

Don’t be afraid to hire mercenaries if you have the money for it!

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