DayZ – PvE Tips for Beginners

Newbies Tips to PvE

  • Find two small stones, combined them to craft a stone knife (repeat as needed).
  • Use stone knife to harvest Bark from tree, get 2 or 3 pieces minimum.
  • Use stone knife to cut up old cloths to make Rags.
  • Use 2 Rags to craft improvised gloves (repeat as needed).
  • Use gloved-hands to harvest long or short sticks from bushes.
  • Use one short stick and one Bark to make a Fire starting hand drill thingy.
  • Use second bark as kindling.
  • Add 2 or 3 more short sticks to make fire for heat and cooking.
  • Kill chicken, harvest meat and bone, make 2 fishing hooks and a Bone Knife by combining one bone and one small stone. Repeat as needed.
  • Harvest 2 Long sticks, sharpen one to make a cooking stick/weapon and combine other with Rope to make a fishing pole.
  • Don’t drink dirty water.

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