Dark and Darker – Solo Rogue Tips (Playtest)

Tips to Play Solo Rogue

Snuff out all the lights, make certain areas too dangerous by kiting enemies into other rooms, re-close chests and wait in ambush. I really enjoy using the environment to my advantage.

If you go to the maze.. There is an area in there that is full of traps.. If you equip the perk so you can see and disable traps.. Then that area is garanteed amazing loot..

No other character can go in there and survive.

I’ve also noticed that this perk is amazing for fighting in the tower room.

Sure you can specc damage.. Or you can pick this perk with infinite lockpicks and go for getting loot and opening shortcuts in many of the rooms.

Posion>Ambush>Backstab>Stealth dip in and out of combat loose the starter hat/chest/pants they dont give enough def to make up for speed loss.

I run rupture or weak point as my Q weakpoinst ambush is 100% extra damage and an ambushed rupture does 30 over 5 instead of 20.

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