Dark and Darker – Solo Play Tips for Fighter (Playtest)

Ok for starters, you have to know that you are going to be totally abused by: Rangers, Wizards, Barbarians and Assassins.

How to Play Fighter Solo

It may seem like a trashy class, but it is one of the best for defense and attack combat, although it suffers a lot depending on the number of enemies you face, but if you manage to attack and defend yourself in a good way, you can win against 3 red skeletons or 2 players (According to my experience).

Fighter Class Pros

  • If you equip the “Weapon Master” passive you can defend yourself against range classes by equipping bows, what this class gives you is that you can access a variety of weapons from all classes (The bad thing if you try to use items As a mage, you can’t since the fighter has no spells or the passive “Memorize spells” so mage weapons are totally useless.).
  • You can defend yourself quite well against a moderate number of enemies.
  • The armors that the fighter has are quite balanced and perfect for various occasions.
  • It’s enough to learn to use the character and you don’t have to calculate so many things, but you have to be careful with your attacks since his main weapon doesn’t have that much dmg, so every hit is worth it.

Fighter Class Cons

  • It is quite slow if you equip high defense armor.
  • Most of the times the archers kill you if you don’t dodge their arrows well.
  • If you fight between 3 players you will end up losing if you don’t know how to defend yourself.
  • Their skills are limited and do not recharge (Most).
  • The spears that can be equipped have a low attack speed.
  • You have to be precise with your swords or else you will miss a lot of hits.

Based on all this I hope that my experience and knowledge with this class has helped you a bit, it will not be the best class but, you lose nothing giving it a try, so go and cut all your enemies with your powerful sword.

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