Cultist Simulator – Twisted Europe Exile Map

“For the crooked that dreads to be straight cannot alter its prayer but summons out of the dark a horrible rector.”

The Colonel only accepts straight angles, whereas the Lionsmith, who disagrees, accepts ones that are 270 degrees. To a point, The Wolf is a line. The Corrivality affects the world in a similar way to how ascent beneath other Hours must change our physical makeup; the basic grid that our tale follows calls for a reification that plate tectonics alone cannot withstand. “Mankind is as malleable as the planet, and both need to change.” Thus, Eurasia and the Mediterranean have acquired the Seventh Mark via us.


The Eurasia, etc., map has been warped for fun and to help with link memorization. THINK NOT that when these continents reorganized themselves, lives were not lost. However, it seems like a fun drawing assignment, so I apologize.

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The concept is the same, but the gray grid boxes have hacks for the contents of each city.

If you can download them as pngs, using a paint program to keep track of the cities you’ve been to, those you’ve contacted but haven’t yet decided to visit, and those you’ve “burned” by choosing not to go there, becomes quite simple. Pictures of burned-out and visited cities may contain spoilers.

  • A nondescript express in from the South,
  • Crowds round the ticket barrier, a face
  • To welcome which the mayor has not contrived
  • Bugles or braid: something about the mouth
  • Distracts the stray look with alarm and pity.
  • Snow is falling, Clutching a little case,
  • He walks out briskly to infect a city
  • Whose terrible future may have just arrived.
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