Cult of the Lamb – Managing the Cult

Managing the Cult

  • Selecting a follower for rituals or missionary missions – please for the love of the lamb I NEED to see the traits of my followers and not just age and level. I’m sick of always checking roundabout 10 people because I don’t want to accidentaly choose someone with “good” traits.
  • Quest timer. I need more time or no timer at all. I want to chill, please?
  • Janitors won’t clean outhouses? Don’t know if this is a bug but it doesn’t make sense.
  • Fishing – would be nice to see what time it is, because I have none.
  • Aging is a joke. Your followers are aging one year a day… just because of a passing day… but a sermon that “draws the energy out of your followers” doesn’t have any impact in that case (as far as I can tell). A day with a sermon is the same as a day without.

So your beloved little ones will be young for about 20 days if you’re lucky and the starting age is 30. And you need even more luck, because the trait elderly seems to be a joke too.

I was observing 3 followers:

  • A = Turns elderly right before my eyes with 51
  • B = Elderly, don’t know for how long but died off of old age with 49
  • C = The same like B but died with 56

In my opinion, aging should be bound to sermons and maybe some rituals. So if you’re missing a sermon because you’re on a mission, followers won’t age. Then you don’t need to be afraid of random elderly deaths, if you’re away. A sermon could cost a year of life or maybe even two and rituals could be 2 or 3 so it has some impact.

Beeing elderly needs RULES. I don’t know how someone can die off of old age with 49 and another gets elderly with 51. There should be a set age that followers will be elderly. Plus I think that elderly peeps should live longer than 4? days (or won’t age just because of passing time as I mentioned above)… Right now my cult is overaging, my rituals need more time to reset than I can handle the elderly. Yes I know I don’t need to do anything useful with them but I want to?

As it is I feel frustated with playing. I like to spend a day or two at my cult and I want to fish and just chill. But skipping 2 days of dungeons means skipping 1 or 2 possible new followers (without buying them from that spider). I feel like being forced to do dungeons if I want to have a stable number of members. Spending time with my cult feels like wasting the life of my cult!

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