Cult of the Lamb – How to Switch Weapons

How Do You Switch Your Weapons?

You can only switch your weapon if you go on a tile that has a sword depicted on it, in thet dungeon you can find in some of the rooms a different weapon to pick.

Until that you are stuck with the weapon you chose.

Also if you are still in the same room where you changed the weapon you can pick up the one you discarded, but the moment you leave the room you have to use the one that you have equiped!

Bonus Tip:

Should I take every weapon I find with me and later swith back to the weapon I prefer? Or can I just ignore weapons I (most likely) not use?

In runs you can just go with what you like, you wont lose anything if you dont pick up the weapon. Tho the weapons you find in runs tend to be a level bigger than the one you get at the start of the run.

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