Crystal Project – Possesor Boss Guide

Tips for Beating Possesor Boss

Dots. Burn, bleed, poison on the boss at all times. A cleric’s blackout neuter the boss pretty hard.

With a tank Aegis, use cover on whoever is your strongest nuker to gather up all those debuffs.

The extend buff power will also increase the time on those death tics giving you more time to remove.

Crystal form will clear them, but might leave your nukers without cover until it wears off.

If your tank’s second ability is monk, you should be able to just keep clearing the debuff with little issue.


  1. Yes, AoE and DoT Debuff work wonder in this fight. Shaman is great here with Epidemic. I had also a Hunter and a Fencer both could AoE. Hunter had Sleep with Rogue and Fencer could also use Red magic so he could do all DoT Debuff when needed. Last was a Monk/Cleric. Healing, Tanking and a Nuke with his Chi-something. Pretty easy fight if you ask me.

  2. AOE. Also you might be focusing too much on the summons more than the actual boss. It’s fine if you let one of them possess you, especially if it’s just the tank. My main damage dealers were a Hunter and Shaman and I imagine it would be even easier with another AOE or caster instead of the Hunter.

  3. I found him to be pretty straightforward for the most part. I kept damage over time effects on him and took out the masks when they showed up – they rarely got to last more than 1 turn. Epidemic on Shaman was pretty useful for hurting masks while also getting poison on the boss. Using Bio/magic break before the aoe magic attack also helped.

    Remedy works to remove possessed for what it’s worth, although I found it easier to just kill the masks.

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