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Here you can find alot info about katana stances.

Definitive Guide to Stances with Katana

General Info

You got 3 stances with katana:

  • Neutral (undrawn katana).
  • Sheated.
  • Unsheated.

In neutral you can use all normal commands like consumming food, dodge rolling or jumping, but cant attack with your katana.

In sheated stance you get a boost to activation speed of several special skills (Iai slash, etc….), but cant walk, jump, or consumme foods and potions anymore. Though you can sprint.

In unsheated stance you cant sprint anymore but can walk around. You cant do most basic commands same as sheated stance (jump, consumme foods) but get access to a new attack when pressing jump and get a huge boost to damages.

You also get a new momentary special stat during some moves: katana detection which put you into an invincibility frame. If you take hits during that KT detection, each hit will stack a special buff on your character which will first increase the number of hits you can perform in your combos but also end up unlocking special rush attacks (a stab attack at level 3 and 4, the rush combo at level 5) that are also iframe (you activate them by pressing both R and L click at the same time during a combo). Each use of the rush attack will reduce your buff of one stack.


Then the moves are:

For neutral stance

  • L-click make you go into unsheated stance.
  • R-click make you go into sheated stance.

From Sheated stance

  • L-clicks make you perform short range slashes (up to 3, 4 if you have enough stacks of the buff), activate katana detection for a couple seconds and get you into unsheated stance.
  • R-click make you perform long range slashes (up to 3), activate katana detection for a couple seconds, and keep you in sheated stance.
  • You cant walk, jump, consumme food or potions, etc…
  • MAj + WASD makes you sprint.

From unsheated stance

  • L-click make you perform slashes (up to 3-4 etc…), this doesnt acrtivate katana detection but you got a big boost to the damages you deal in that stance. This keep you into unsheated stance.
  • R-click make you go into sheated stance, activate katana detection for a couple seconds.
  • Jump make you perform a special move (you can perform another slash by hitting Lclick during that special move). This keep you in unsheated stance.

Something to Note About Katana

  • Taking damages from an enemy attack gets you out of stance.
  • Pressing C during sheated or uncheasted stance get you back into neutral stance but at the cost of a short animation (your character putting his katana back into his scabbard), which is a very bad move during a fight….
  • You can always activate special skills, in any stance. Special skills that benefit from the sheated stance will keep you in your current stance (bascially special skills for katana), skills that dont benefit (special skills usable by other weapons) will get you in neutral stance.

This is the trick to instantly cancel your stance to be able to use things like dodge roll immediately after a katana detection (using weapon buff for example)…. aka detection cancel.

Detection Cancel Basics

Double tap R-click (or do a fast R click>L-click for shiorter range attack, but hitting the tagret is unecessary….) from the neutral stance (to get into katana detection), activate weapon buf (either from the skill or from an equipped wheatstone) to cancel your stance (which should be sheated stance after the slash from the double tap), then dodge roll (cancelling the weapon buff and going into iframe before the katana detection ends)…. you’re back into neutral stance (so have access to all the basic commands) and ready to double tap again…. Repeat untill you get your detection buff to 5 then unleash the rush attack. Rince and repeat.

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