Crab Champions – How to Obtain Solid Gold Achievement

Tips to Get Solid Gold Achievement


Fill 20 weapon mod slots with legendary weapon mods.


I just completed this achievement.

My totem was not maxed and I unlocked some of the legendary mods by beating the boss -> exiting the game -> unlocking new item at totem -> continue run.

So the new weapon mods are in the pool now in my run. But I got only last 2 or 3 legendary weapon mods unlocks through that before eventualy fully maxing it.

I would recommend unlock every item before attempting the achivement because there is something like 22-24 legendary mods for weapon and half of them are unlocks.

The perk that extends your shop for +1 item is your best friend to save time on that grind.

Completed on island 210 btw, never gonna loop again.

Important note: There are 20 legendaries but I believe some of them are locked in the key totem by default so if you haven’t maxed out the key totem it may not be possible to complete that challenge.

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