Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander – How to See Your Mission Rating / Combat Rating

Each of the missions has a difficulty rating, like 4 or 6 or whatever. I’m wondering is there a way to see what the combat rating of my ship is? Like is my ship a 4 or a 6 or?

Mission Rating / Combat Rating

The price brackets are:

  1. 0-60,000
  2. 60,001-75,000
  3. 75,001-90,000
  4. 90,001-110,000
  5. 110,001-140,000
  6. 140,001-180,000
  7. 180,001-230,000
  8. 230,001-300,000
  9. 300,001-400,000
  10. 400,001-500,000
  11. 500,001-650,000
  12. 650,001-800,000
  13. 800,001-1,000,000
  14. 1,000,001-1,300,000
  15. 1,300,001-1,600,000
  16. 1,600,001-2,000,000
  17. 2,000,001-2,500,000
  18. 2,500,001- ~3,500,000

How to see your current status in-game or what your ship’s net worth is?

Hit the button to make your ship, than the hamburger, save your ship as a blueprint to make it easy to make again, give it a name etc.

Than select the ship, edit, and hit load blueprint, it will tell you how many materials and cost of the ship

I use this to tell where my ship is at, however you may need to select a smaller ship, have a second to let you know accurately.

If you try on your main ship it may say 0 because you already have all the parts needed. I have a second smaller ship I highlight when doing this.

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