Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander – How to Disable Enemy Ship

How to Disable Enemy Ship without Blowing It Apart

Very carefully:

  • As long as it has an airlock and a crew bunk you can take it.
  • Destroying all of the reactors will disable it, and cause big explosions.
  • Destroying all bridge modules will disable it, my preferred method
  • There is a 3rd way, but I think it requires all weapons and engines to be destroyed.

Another way of getting new ships is to build them attached to a current ship with a bridge of 2-3 structure pieces on either side of a explosive charge. After it qualifies as a ship click on the explosive charge then click the button to activate it. Delete the extra parts from the blueprints of each ship, then your done.

UPD: My strat so far has been finding smaller enemy ships that only have limited-ammo weapons, tanking everything with a shield until they run out of ammo, then doing careful surgery with a mining laser (the targets depend on the opponent).

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