Cosmoteer: Starship Architect & Commander – How to Add a Second Ship

Adding a Second Ship

The are several abandon ships in the space you can capture. You have to send crew to a ship to capture it. Same goes with enemy ships, if it is no able to fly anymore.

So buy is not anymore possible only over concquer?

The simplest way is to build a new ship attached to your first ship, separated to your first ship by only a line of metal structures and a bomb in the middle. You hire the crew, make everything works ok and you make the bomb explode to separate the two (be sure to have a functionnal ship first, with a cockpit, reactors, etc).

When separated by the explosion, you gonna have two independant ships, if the second as what it need to be autonomous.

To detonate the bomb, you need to select it while pressing ctrl if I remember well.

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