Commandos 2: Men of Courage – Cheats (Passwords)

Personally in my opinion, this is a great game and if you play Commandos 2: Men of Courage on normal difficulty you could beat the game easily but for the players that don’t have that time or the nerves, I created this guide.

How to Activate Cheats

There are two ways to activate cheat mode. Either enter the name GONZOANDJON for your player, or while playing, select a commando and type GONZOANDJON.

Cheat mode will be activated, allowing you to use key combinations.


  • Ctrl + I – Invincible.
  • Ctrl + V – Invisible.
  • Ctrl + Shift + X – Kill Enemies.
  • Ctrl + Shift + N – Win Mission.
  • Ctrl + – – Show Current FPS.
  • Shift + X – Teleport.

Level Passwords

Level (Normal)

  • Night of the Wolves – XHGDR
  • Das Boot Silent Killers – WKUC4
  • White Death – YSM51
  • Target Burma – B7D8F
  • Bridge over the River Kwai – 3GHSL
  • The Guns of Savo Island – AZLM1
  • The Giant in Haiphong – JAHSG
  • Saving Private Smith – UN63A
  • Castle Colditz – VAZ2P
  • Is Paris Burning? – 9TT5W

Level (Hard)

  • Night of the Wolves – PLKUM
  • Das Boot Silent Killers – JE5SH
  • White Death – DFY3B
  • Target Burma – K9D3H
  • Bridge over the River Kwai – NMWQ9
  • The Guns of Savo Island – 16G3L
  • The Giant in Haiphong – WL3CZ
  • Saving Private Smith – LPQ6T
  • Castle Colditz – SRCM8
  • Is Paris Burning? – PAEN8

Level (Very Hard)

  • Night of the Wolves – PVTSL
  • Das Boot Silent Killers – SKDJF
  • White Death – 3DYNG
  • Target Burma – 9BG3S
  • Bridge over the River Kwai – NMWQ9
  • The Guns of Savo Island – E2J7H
  • The Giant in Haiphong – ZX78Y
  • Saving Private Smith – TRIB4
  • Castle Colditz – TRD78
  • Is Paris Burning? – 1LPQD

Controls (Keyboard Shortcuts)

On the following picture you have every single hot-key in the game.

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Tips & Tricks



Using the different camera distribution modes will make the mission easier to complete. You can select the various different camera modes using keys F2 to F7. Click on each camera to make it the active camera. Each camera mode lets you use zoom, use the tracking camera, etc. Access the default mode by using F2.

Crawl / Get Up

The best way to move around undetected is by crawling. Press the ‘SPACEBAR’ to make your commandos crawl or stand up again. When your men are crawling on the ground, they will only be visible in the enemy’s short-range view.

The Enemy

They will try, by all available means, to prevent you from completing your mission objectives. Enemy soldiers can see and hear you. Their vision and hearing is divided into two areas. In the furthest areas, your men will be discovered unless they are lying flat on the ground or protected by a wall. In the nearest area, they will always be located. If they discover any of your commandos, they will shoot him.

Tracking Camera

Allow you to center the screen on a scenario spot or element and keep it focused there. Your hot key is ‘F12’. You can also zoom in and out and use the multi-screen mode when the camera is assigned to an enemy soldier.


Moving around the map using ladders. With the SHIFT button pressed, click the LMB on the ladder. You can change direction up or down or even stop when climbing a ladder by clicking the RMB. Be careful though, you can’t defend yourself while on a ladder.


Obtain information about any item or character in the scenario. Hit key ‘W’. You can examine practically everything: dead bodies, windows, boxes. You can also access the item exchange menu.


Indicates the distribution of the items contained by the scenario elements. Displayed when you click RMB on the face of the commando or when you examine boxes, soldiers, cupboards, etc. It is divided into cells. Each item occupies a specific number of cells. Press on an item to move it to another inventory or to another spot in the scenario.


Keep the enemy controlled by using the map. The map shows the position of enemy forces. Press the ‘MAP’ icon on the upper right hand side of the screen to open the map. Press on the icon again to exit.


You can select several of your commandos at the same time. Press the RMB and drag an area around your chosen commandos. You can also select a single commando and then add more by pressing CTRL and the number of the commando. Alternatively you can press CTRL and the face of the commando on the screen. To de-select all the commandos press ‘0’.


A door closed in time can be the key to solving a mission. Keep SHIFT pressed and click LMB on the door to open or close it. You can hide behind an open door. Some doors may be closed. In cases like this, use the THIEF to pick the lock of the door. Just like your men, the enemy is also able to open and close doors.

Selecting a Commando

Select the most appropriate commando for each occasion. To select one of your men, press the key that corresponds to his number on the keypad. You can also click LMB on the face of the chosen commando on screen or use the selection box. Click RMB and drag the cursor until you create a selection rectangle. If you press ‘0’ on the keypad, you will de-select the active commando.

View Marker

Use the marker to discover whether an area is covered by the enemy’s field of vision. To use the marker, keep the ENTER or TAB keys pressed and click LMB on the spot you want to investigate. If a view sweeps over the marker, the enemy’s field of vision will activate. The fields of vision of all enemies who can see that spot will light up in turn.


You can look through the windows of a building to find out whether it is safe to enter. Select EXAMINE and click LMB on a window. A small screen will appear that will show you the interior. Moving the mouse will allow you to move the image. If the THIEF is looking through the window, click the LMB and he will climb in.

Explosive Barrels

Shoot at barrels and you will experience a real explosion. Pick up a barrel using the GREEN BERET and place it next to the object you wish to blow up. Shoot at the barrel with any firearm and it will explode. It should destroy most objects and any soldiers nearby. Be careful though as this includes your men.

Extreme Cold

Keep your men safe in the harsh weather. The low temperatures of the Arctic missions can kill all of your men. If any of your commandos are outside then their STAMINA BAR will begin to go down. If it reaches zero then their LIFE BAR will begin to decrease. It can be avoided using an allied ARTIC SUIT or stealing one of them from an enemy soldier. Remember that the enemy suits can only be used for a limited period of time. Be careful!



Hot key ‘G’. Point with the cursor and shoot with the LMB. When the target is out of range, the weapon’s gun sight will be red. When you use an allied pistol, you need not worry about ammunition. You can pick up and use enemy weapons although they will have a limited amount of ammunition.

  • Allied Pistol: Colt 1911A
  • German Pistol: Luger P 08
  • Japanese Pistol: Type 94

Piat Bazooka

Hot key ‘K’. Select it in the ‘Weapons’ section. The bazooka is an anti-tank weapon used mainly to combat enemy armored troops. It is a light weapon with massive firepower. Point with the mouse and FIRE with the LMB. To cancel the shot, press the RMB. The bazooka is to be used by the SAPPER. Some Allied soldiers may also have one of their own. The number on the icon indicates the amount of ammo left.

Remote Control Bomb

High power explosives that can be detonated by remote control. Hot key ‘S’. Can be selected in the ‘Weapons’ section. Click on the spot you wish to place the bomb. Head for cover. Press the detonator in the interface function section or use the – key to detonate the bomb. It is used by the SAPPER. The number of available bombs is displayed in the icon.

Fairburn Commando Knife

Double-edged assault knife with a combat handle. Hot key ‘A’. Can be selected in the ‘Weapons’ section. Point with the cursor and click LMB to attack. Click the RMB to cancel the action. It is used by the GREEN BERET and MARINE. Be careful and ensure you are not seen or you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Hand Grenade N36M, MK1 ‘Mills Bomb’

Explosive grenade. Hot key ‘A’. Select it in the ‘Weapons’ section. To throw, press the LMB when over the chosen spot. You can throw grenades through doors, trap doors and windows, from both inside and outside buildings. The SAPPER is in charge of handling the grenades. An expeditious weapon, but very noisy and likely to attract attention.


Hot key ‘F’. Select it in the ‘Weapons’ section. Point the cursor and fire with the LMB. When the target is out of range, the guns sight will be shown in red. Remember, if you manage to steal an enemy rifle it will have limited ammo.

  • Allied Rifle: Lee-Enfield No4 MK1
  • German Rifle: Karabiner 98K
  • Japanese Rifle: Type 38.

Sniper Rifle

Hot key ‘A’. Select the rifle in the ‘Weapons’ section. Stow the rifle by pressing the RMB. Available ammunition is scarce. You may find ammo on enemy Snipers. To shoot from a window look through it using hot key ‘W’ and select the rifle. To go back inside, click the RMB.

  • Allied Rifle: M1903 .30 Springfield
  • German Rifle: Gewehr 43
  • Japanese Rifle: Type 97

Sub-Machine Gun MP40

The Sub-Machine Gun is a light automatic weapon with a high rate of fire. Hot key ‘M’. Select it in the ‘Weapons’ section. Point with the cursor and fire with the LMB. It fires in short bursts and has limited ammo. You can reload it by taking weapons from the enemy. Its long range makes it a very dangerous weapon.

Anti-Personnel Mine

Very efficient when used for traps and ambushes. Hot key ‘O’. Select them in the ‘Items’ section. They are sufficiently powerful to destroy any enemies close to the explosion. Click LMB on the spot you wish to place a mine. When you plant it, don’t worry about your own men, they will know where you have placed it and will avoid blowing themselves up. The Anti-Personnel Mines are used by the SAPPER.

Antitank Tellermine 35 Mine

Powerful explosive mine. Hot key ‘P’. Select them in the ‘Items’ section. Click LMB on the spot you wish to place a mine. They will only explode when a vehicle passes over them. Keep this in mind when they are placed. They are used by the SAPPER.

Timed Bomb

Plastic explosive detonated after a short period of time. Hot key ‘Y’. Select it in the ‘Items’ section. Once selected, click on the point you wish to plant it. The bomb will explode after a few seconds. If you decide that you no longer wish to use the bomb you can retrieve it for use at another time. But be sure you need it back as you will have very
little time and a mistake could prove fatal.

Trip Wire

Use the DRIVER’s reel to prepare an ambush. Hot key ‘D’. Select it in the ‘Items’ section. Select the DRIVER’s reel and click LMB twice in two places in the scenery to set the trap between those points. Any soldier that walks or runs past will trip on the rope and be knocked unconscious.

Harpoon Gun M1922

A quick and deadly underwater weapon. Hot key ‘L’. Select Harpoon Gun in the ‘Weapons’ section. The compressed air contained in the Harpoon Gun propels the harpoon at great speed and can cover a distance of 15 meters in a split second. This weapon makes the DIVER a lethal killer underwater. That said, the Harpoon Gun has a long reload time and many dangers can come to pass in a short period of time.

Personal Flame-Thrower M2-2

Designed for use on bunkers and foxholes. Hot key ‘Z’. Select it in the ‘Weapons’ section. The SAPPER is required to operate the Flame-Thrower. The extremely destructive power is ideal for use against an enemy ambush. The fuel reserve has a limit so try not to waste any of it.

Smoke Bomb MKII

Hide your men behind a curtain of smoke. Hot key ‘K’. Select it in the ‘Weapons’ section. The cloud of smoke created by the bomb impedes the enemy’s ability to locate your position. You can also use the Smoke Bomb to hide behind or alternatively confuse the enemy throwing into a group of soldiers. The gas will stop enemy view and hearing ability.

Booby Trap

Explosive device which is ideal for preparing ambushes. When the DRIVER’s trip wire has been set, use the SAPPER to select a remote control bomb or a grenade and install it in the trap. When an enemy soldier walks or runs across the trip wire, the explosive will blow up. Don’t forget to take cover.

Molotov Cocktail M1934

Really useful against patrols and in ambushes. Hot key ‘S’. Can be selected in the ‘Weapons’ section. The fireball they create will eliminate any enemy soldiers who are in the area. They can be found in crates and cupboards. Use them carefully because their number is limited.

CS Grenade

Neutralize enemy soldiers without killing them. Hot key ‘O’. Throw the CS Grenade into a group of enemy soldiers and they will be knocked out. They can be tied up and be examined. You should act quickly because the effect doesn’t last long.


DRIVER’s lethal trap. Hot key ‘P’. Select it in the ‘Items’ section. Click the LMB on the spot you want to set it. If an enemy soldier walks over it, the mantrap will close and the soldier will die. Don’t be afraid about your allied soldiers because they will avoid the trap.

Grappling Hook Trap

Construct a simple but effective trap using the Grappling Hook. Attach the hook to the low part of a wall and select a point across from the hook and stand there with the rope in your hand. If an enemy soldier walks or runs past he will trip on the rope and be knocked unconscious.



Wirecutters are used to cut through barbed wire and wire fencing. Hot key ‘I’. To use the Wirecutters select them in the ‘Items’ section and click on a wire fence. You can alternatively keep SHIFT pressed while clicking on the wire fence. Some wire fences may be electrified. In which case you have to disconnect the power source.

First Aid Kit

Heals injured commandos. Hot key ‘C’. You can select it in the ‘Items’ section. Click on one of your men to heal him (including the commando carrying the first aid kit). You can heal the commando carry the first aid kit too, pressing the USE icon in their inventory and clicking on the first aid kit. You can see how many doses are left on the first aid kit icon.


Cupboards may contain interesting and useful items or can be used to store items you do not wish to carry around. You can see inside cupboards by selecting ‘EXAMINE’ and clicking on the cupboard you wish to search.


These are scattered around the scenario. They may contain weapons, ammunition, items, etc. Metal boxes are locked in which case you must use the THIEF to open it to allow examination. Wooden boxes can be examined by any of your men. If you shoot at boxes, its contents may explode. The GREEN BERET is the only commando that can move them.

Mine Detector

Hot key ‘D’. It detects buried mines. Select the detector in Functions and click LMB to direct the search. Stop and stow by pressing the RMB. This item is used by the SAPPER. To deactivate a live mine, place the cursor on the mine and click LMB when the ‘DEACTIVATE’ cursor appears. Be careful, your SAPPER will not stop when a mine is discovered and may blow himself up. Patience is important.

Rope Ladder

The Rope Ladder allows your commandos to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Hot key ‘E’. Select it in the ‘Items’ section. To place it, click on a wall or a window. The ladder cannot be placed from below. To use it, press SHIFT and click on the ladder. You can retrieve the Rope Ladder by using SHIFT and clicking LMB on its top area. Remember, you can only retrieve it from above.


Apparently a useless bunch of wires bent in every direction. Hot key ‘S’. Select it in the ‘Items’ section. Click the LMB on a closed door and it will open. From then on, any commando can use that door to enter or exit the house. The Lockpicks can also open supply boxes and safes, allowing you to examine the contents.

Leica SLC 8×56 binoculars

They are an excellent way to spy inside buildings without putting your men in danger. Hot key ‘B’. Select them in the ‘Actions’ section in the interface. Place the cursor on a window and click LMB to see through the window. You can use them from indoors and outdoors. If you click on an enemy soldier, you will get detailed information about him.

Radio Unix 38

Long-range field radio. Has a manual dynamo so it can be utilized without connecting to a power source. Keep SHIFT pressed and click on the radio to use it. It can be used by any of your commandos and by allies. In some cases you may need to find cipher codes to use it.


THIEF’s mascot. Hot key ‘A’. Select it in the ‘Items’ section. Click the LMB on the spot you want to send SPIKE to. He will go to the spot and jump around, distracting all enemies who hear or see him. He will then go directly back to the THIEF.

Philips L12 Decoy

Radio-controlled decoy. Hot key ‘R’. Select it in the ‘Items’ section. Click LMB on a given spot on the map and you will drop the decoy on the ground. Activate the decoy with the ‘R’ key. The decoy will make noises to attract any enemy soldiers within its range. To turn it off, press the ‘R’ key again. Don’t forget to pick up the decoy after you have used it. You only have one decoy.

Portable Acetylene Blowtorch

Very useful for field engineering tasks. Hot key ‘L’. Select it in the ‘Actions’ section. Click LMB on the spot at which you want to use it; it will penetrate some closed metal doors. The blowtorch is not a weapon, but can be used as such in an emergency.


Imported cigarettes. Hot key ‘T’. Select them in the ‘Items’ section. Click on the spot you wish to throw the cigarettes to. When an enemy soldier sees the cigarettes, he will go and pick them up. You can find cigarette packs on some enemy soldiers.

Diving Equipment

You can stay underwater for long periods of time. Hot key ‘D’. Select them in the ‘Items’ section. The oxygen supply allows the DIVER to stay underwater for very long periods of time.

Canned Food

An individual ration of concentrated food. Hot key ‘V’. Select them in the ‘Items’ section. Replenishes your commando’s health bar. Utilize the tin when one of your commandos has been injured. Remember, there is a limited number of tins, don’t waste them.


Set of security keys. Hot key ‘K’. Select them in the ‘Items’ section. Some doors closed due to security and need to be opened using the correct key. Look for keys in enemy clothing, cupboards and boxes. You can use them by pressing SHIFT and clicking on the locked door.


Distraction with seduction. Hot key ‘S’. Select it in the ‘Actions’ section. Keep enemy soldiers busy using Natasha and her charms. Whilst they are distracted by her, your other commandos can sneak past or even sneak up on the enemy and take care of business.


Ultrasonic whistle. Hot key ‘H’. Select it in the ‘Actions’ section. Use the dog whistle to call Whiskey to you. He will come to you from anywhere on the map if he is able.

Grappling Hook – Assault and Infiltration

An indispensable tool for subtle attacks on enemy strongholds. Hot key ‘S’. Select it in the ‘Functions’ section. Place the cursor over the wall you wish to climb and click the LMB. To retrieve the hook hold down the SHIFT and click on the top part of the rope. You can only retrieve the hook once you have scaled the wall.

Enemy Uniform

Hot key ‘U’. To put the uniform on, click on the uniform icon in the ‘Functions’ section. To change back into normal clothes, click again on the UNIFORM icon or press the hot key. The uniform will permit you to pass unseen in the long-range enemy view. If you do anything suspicious while an enemy is looking at you, you will be unmasked. You can only use infantry soldiers’ uniforms. Each uniform you acquire has a time limit. The amount of time left is displayed in the inventory. This figure will only decrease when the uniform is worn.

Narcotic Compound MKIV-R

Fast effect and powerful narcotic. Hot key ‘N’. Can be selected in the ‘Actions’ section. It can be used on wine bottles or meat pieces. If an enemy soldier drinks it or an animal eats it then they will be knocked out.

Commando Techniques

Stalk and rob an enemy soldier

The THIEF can use his skill to get close to the enemies and steal item from them. Hot key ‘D’.When you click on an enemy soldier, the THIEF will go and stand behind him. Wherever the enemy moves, he will follow. He can also steal from the enemy he is stalking. To do so, place the cursor on the soldier he is following. Click LMB and you will be able to see his inventory. You can then steal his belongings. But be careful, you can be seen by other soldiers.

Hit, tie and gag

Select the hit icon in the weapons section. Hot key ‘Q’. Click on the enemy you wish to stun and your commandos will hit him. Once he is on the ground, press the SHIFT key and click on him to tie him up and prevent him from moving. With the exception of the THIEF and NATASHA, all your commandos may tie up enemy soldiers.

Hit with a bottle

Despite her appearance, Natasha can leave enemies in a crumpled heap on the floor with the minimum of effort. Hot key ‘Q’. Select Hit with Bottle in the ‘Weapons’ section. Click LMB on the enemy you wish to knockout. The soldier will remain unconscious for a short while. He won’t be very pleased when he wakes up!

Knocking on a wall

Distract the enemy by knocking on the walls. Hot key ‘Q’. Select the action in the ‘Weapons’ section. Click on an inside wall and the commando will knock on that wall. Enemies within hearing distance will turn to see where the sound came from and may even investigate.

Pick up/drop

Use this option to move large items. Press the SHIFT key and click on the item you wish to pick up. Click LMB on the spot you want to drop the item. Press the RMB when you have reached the target location. In this way you can move barrels, boxes and dead enemy soldiers around the map. The commandos cannot run if they are carrying an item. Make sure that you take this into account, as this will greatly increase the time taken to move.

The allies

Seek their help to fulfill your mission. They are not part of your unit, but that does not mean you should send them out to be slaughtered. Use them wisely. Allied soldiers can be used in a variety of ways and can take cover in three different positions: standing, kneeling and laying down. Their ability to resist enemy attack is dependant on their position. They can operate heavy weapons such as the bazooka.


Your men may swim underwater. Hot key ‘B’ to dive or return to the surface. When one of your men is swimming, select DIVE to submerge. When underwater, an oxygen bar will be displayed. If the bar reaches zero, your commando will drown. Control your commando by using the LMB. To return to the surface, select ‘B’.

Telephone pole

Give your SNIPER the maximum advantage by placing him on top of a telephone pole and shooting from there. Climb the pole by keeping the SHIFT key pressed and clicking on the pole. You can stop climbing the pole and drop down at any time by pressing the RMB. The GREEN BERET and THIEF are also able to climb poles and swing around cables.

Slip through a hole

The THIEF may access areas that are inaccessible to the rest of your men. The THIEF must be in the crawl position to pass through the hole. While pressing the SHIFT, click the LMB on the hole you wish to crawl through.

Bury oneself

The GREEN BERET can bury himself in some types of terrain to evade enemy detection. Hot key ‘A’. Select the shovel in the ‘Actions’ section. Press the LMB on a surface in which it is possible to bury him. The buried commando remains invisible to enemy soldiers. To surface, click any mouse button.

Climb out of a window

Flee from inside a building by jumping through the window. Only the THIEF and the GREEN BERET can perform the feat of agility. To exit via a window, hold down SHIFT ad click on the desired window. The commando will either land on the floor, cling to the windowsill or hang from a telephone wire, depending on which window you have clicked on.


Use the THIEF to climb walls. While keeping SHIFT pressed, click the LMB on the chosen wall. Some walls will allow sideways movement. While climbing, a stamina bar is displayed. The bar slowly decreases over time. If the bar reaches zero, the thief will fall to the ground. This will cause injury is the fall is from a substantial height.


The THIEF can hide almost everywhere. With the SHIFT button pressed, click on the desired hiding place with the LMB. To come back into play, click any mouse button.


Take advantage of the fact that your commandos can swim across rivers and canals. To make one of your commandos enter the water, click LMB on the water. With a single click, your commando will swim at a normal speed. With a double click, he will swim faster, but also make more noise and will be easily detected.

Stick to a wall

Hide from the enemy by sticking close to a wall. If you place a commando next to a wall, he will stick to it. While he is sticking to the wall, he will only be visible in the enemy’s short-range view even though he is standing up. He can move along the wall and remain hidden. To move him away from the wall, press the LMB.

Distract with Spy

Keep the enemy distracted while the rest of your men complete the objectives. Hot key ‘S’. Select it in the ‘Functions’ section. Left click on an enemy you wish to distract. If you distract a soldier at a close range, you can order him to look and walk further away. Remember that you can only do this if you are wearing an enemy uniform.

Whiskey’s bark

Due to his extensive training, Whiskey is able to run to enemy soldiers and bark in an attempt to attract their attention. Hot key ‘A’. Select it in the ‘Actions’ section in the interface. Whiskey’s bark distracts enemies for a short period of time at which point they resume their actions.

Hiding enemy bodies

Eliminate all indication of your presence behind enemy lines. You can hide the bodies of fallen enemies in tall grass and plants and even dispose of them at sea. Pick up the body by pressing SHIFT and clicking LMB on the enemy. Walk to a shore or to a patch of tall grass and click LMB holding SHIFT to drop the body.

Driving vehicles

All the commandos are able to drive vehicles. Press SHIFT and click LMB on the vehicle to enter. Once inside, the cursor keys control direction. Alternatively you can also click LMB to the target destination. Holding don the SHIFT key will cause the vehicle to accelerate. Specialized vehicles can only be driven by the DRIVER. In armed vehicles, you can use the Ctrl key to shoot using the vehicle’s weapon, but only if the SAPPER is also inside the vehicle.

Attack mode

Place commandos in auto-fire positions. Commandos will automatically fire on enemy soldiers if set on attack mode. By holding down Ctrl and clicking with the RMB, the field of view will move to the desired position. You can set commandos to attack mode in either crawling or standing positions. This is by no means an easy path to victory as your soldiers can also be shot in this mode.


Exploit Natasha’s natural charms. Hot key ‘U’. Select it in the ‘Functions’ section. Natasha won’t be discovered by the enemy. Dressed in sexy clothes and using her lipstick, she can distract enemy soldiers so that her comrades can avoid detection.

Throw a bottle

Empting distraction. Hot key -. Can be selected in the ‘Items’ section. Enemy soldiers can refuse a good wine. When they drink it, they will be stunned for a while during which they can’t see or hear allied soldiers. If narcotics have been used on the bottle, enemy soldiers will be sent to sleep until they are woken up by a comrade.

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